16 Beautiful Places You Can Visit With a Lebanese Passport

Update 2: Adding South Africa to the list as they recently waived visa requirements for Lebanese passport holders.

Update 1: I added four more visa-free destinations at the end following some research and tips from readers (thank you for that!). Happy travels!

Late last year, I challenged myself to do a year of traveling only to countries where the Lebanese are not required to have a visa in advance. Although the list of said countries is quite short, it doesnโ€™t mean that you canโ€™t still enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I havenโ€™t made it to every country on the list of visa free access, but here are some pictures of places that are only a plane ride away for Lebanese citizens.

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I also recommend that you always check visa regulations as they are always changing. I use this useful Emirates Airlineย portal before traveling.

  1. Sri Lanka

(Note: technically you need a visa but it can be easily obtained online without any documents)

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Sri Lankan mornings ๐ŸŒด

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  1. East Timor

  1. Ecuador

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From starting my last day of 2016 with a quick bungee jump, to biking 16km/hiking to an insanely beautiful waterfall; I am now officially swinging my way into 2017. Looking back over this past 2016 I can't be more proud of myself and the many adventures I have accomplished. Last New Years I made a goal to travel as much as possible and to just be happy, and I can say that for once I accomplished my New Years resolution. This has been the best year of my life, I have worked hard and managed to travel to 10 countries in one year! There are so many things I have learned this past year and I couldn't be happier/grateful in this moment to be here doing what I love as I know many people don't get the opportunity… I can't forget to mention the incredible people I have met this year and all the crazy memories I have made with each and every person. 2017 I am determined to get better at salsa and be fluent in Spanish. As well as maintain my happiness of seeing the world (also lose some of this travel weight I've gained over the past few months haha). I can't wait to see what Colombia has in store for me the next couple months!! Too everyone else I wish you a safe and fun New Years, I hope you follow through with whatever dreams you have planned and that the new year brings you nothing but the best and the happiest year yet!! Cheers babes xoxoxo #discoversouthamerica #ecuador #vistsouthameria #baรฑos #casadelarbol #worldnomads #solotraveller #backpacker

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  1. Turkey

  1. Jordan

  1. Georgia

  1. Maldives

  1. Oman

  1. Cambodia

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Angkor ๐Ÿ—ฟ

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  1. Nepal

11. Malaysia

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Big city lights โšก๏ธ

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12. Bali

13. Iran

14. Armenia

15. Phu Quoc island

(You will need a visa to visit the rest of Vietnam)

16. South Africa