15 Beautiful Places You Can Visit With a Lebanese Passport

Update: I added four more visa-free destinations at the end following some research and tips from readers (thank you for that!). Happy travels!

Late last year, I challenged myself to do a year of traveling only to countries where the Lebanese are not required to have a visa in advance. Although the list of said countries is quite short, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I haven’t made it to every country on the list of visa free access, but here are some pictures of places that are only a plane ride away for Lebanese citizens.

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I also recommend that you always check visa regulations as they are always changing. I use this useful Emirates Airline portal before traveling.

  1. Sri Lanka (Note: technically you need a visa but it can be easily obtained online without any documents)

Sri Lankan mornings 🌴

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  1. East Timor

In everything, GIVE THANKS 🙏🏻😍

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  1. Ecuador

  1. Turkey


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  1. Jordan

You make all sorts of friends when you visit #Jordan #shareyourjordan

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  1. Georgia

Public toilet goals 🚽😳

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  1. Maldives
  1. Oman

Hello weekend 👋🏻

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  1. Cambodia

Angkor 🗿

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  1. Nepal

11. Malaysia

Big city lights ⚡️

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12. Bali

Rainforest vibes 🌴🌿 Courtesy of @jspencertravels! Tag your best hotel photos with #beautifulhotels

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13. Iran

14. Armenia

15. Phu Quoc island in Vietnam (you will need a visa to visit the rest of Vietnam)