Review: Internet On The Go With Rent N Connect

I recently moved to Istanbul and the first order of business after renting an apartment was getting an Internet connection. However, to get a home internet connection requires having a Turkish residence permit which I did not have yet as I was still in the application process. My first choice was getting a Turkish SIM card, which is an ok option but you are limited by their packages and you would have to really watch your data consumption otherwise you’d suddenly find yourself without internet in the middle of the night as you’re going through your friends’ Instagram stories! After buying a couple of SIM card data packages in less than two weeks, i realized this was not a viable option and that it was time to find an alternative.

A quick search online led me to Rent N Connect, which offers UNLIMITED Internet service via a smaller-than-your-hand device that also allows you to connect multiple (up to 10) devices to it, which was perfect for my needs as I have a laptop, phone, and iPad.

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It is super easy to place an order via their website and they ship the device to your hotel, apartment, or Airbnb even before your arrival in the city, which is convenient for both short and long term visitors. Not staying in Istanbul for long and planning to tour Turkey? Also not a problem because the device will work anywhere in the country as opposed to some other websites whose devices only work in Istanbul. You also don’t have to worry about returning the device because they will pick it up back from where they dropped it off whether it is the hotel/apartment/Airbnb.

After using it for a month, the device performed really well. I lost the signal once or twice but the customer service at Rent N’ Connect was superb and restored the connection in less than 5 minutes after I informed them about it via Whatsapp.

The device comes in a small package that also contains a powerbank to charge the portable device on the go, a list of instructions on what to do if you lose connection for any reason, and a small bag to put the device in when you’re done and it is ready for pickup.

Rent N Connect is also available in the EU, UK, and many countries around the world so I would highly recommend you would check them out for your Internet needs that a) saves you a ton of money especially if you are traveling as a group or family and b) saves you the fuss of having to buy and change SIM cards on your phones.